Sun Shougang

Source: | 2021-12-02 16:01


Vice Governor Sun Shougang

He is responsible for the routine work of the People's Government of Henan Province.

He is responsible for the work on development and reform, finance, transport, veterans affairs, emergency management, key projects construction, statistics, and transparency in government affairs.

He also assists Governor Wang Kai with the work related to audit.

He is in charge of Development and Reform Commission of Henan Province, Department of Finance of Henan Province, Department of Transport of Henan Province, Department of Veterans Affairs of Henan Province, Department of Emergency Management of Henan Province, Statistics Bureau of Henan Province, Academy of Governance of Henan Province (Development Research Center of the People's Government of Henan Province), Public Resources Trading Center of Henan Province, and Energy Planning and Development Administration of Henan Province.

He coordinates work with Henan Provincial Tax Service of the State Taxation Administration, Survey Office of the National Bureau of Statistics in Henan, Commissioner's Office of the National Audit Office in Zhengzhou, Supervisory Bureau of the Ministry of Finance in Henan, Earthquake Agency of Henan Province, Henan Provincial Bureau of the National Mine Safety Administration, Fire and Rescue Corps of Henan Province, Space Administration of Henan Province, Postal Administration of Henan Province, CAAC Henan Safety Supervision Administration, China Railway Zhengzhou Group Co., Ltd., China Post Henan Branch, China Southern Airlines Henan Airlines Co., Ltd., and civil airports (large-scale enterprises).

He coordinates work with Federation of Trade Unions of Henan Province, Revolutionary Committee of the Chinese Kuomintang Henan Provincial Committee, China Democratic National Construction Association Henan Provincial Committee, and Chinese Peasants and Workers Democratic Party Henan Provincial Committee.

He also coordinates work with PLA Henan Military Command and PAP Henan Contingent.