Henan holds 1st China-Europe Railway Express (Zhengzhou) Expo

Source: dahe.cn | 2024-06-09 21:16

On June 6, the 2024 China-Europe Railway Express (Zhengzhou) Expo opened at the Central China International Convention and Exhibition Center in Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone. The expo, themed "Connecting the world, Bridging Europe and Asia", brought together the elite from the international logistics industry to discuss strategies for the development of the China-Europe Railway Express and promote its high-quality growth.


The expo, jointly organized by Henan Logistics Association and Europe-China International Convention & Exhibition (Zhengzhou) Co., Ltd., covers an exhibition area of 10 thousand square meters. It features multiple sections, including the demonstration of achievements in cities involved in the China-Europe Railway Express project, overseas exhibition area, domestic exhibition area, and more. With over 100 domestic and international exhibitors, the event showcases various goods transported via the China-Europe Railway Express, highlighting its indispensable role in the global supply chain.


In ancient times, the Silk Road echoed with the sound of camel caravan; nowadays, the China-Europe Railway Express runs continuously.The number of trips made by the China-Europe Railway Express has exceeded 90 thousand, said a source from the expo on May 25. So far, the China-Europe Railway Express has transported over 8.7 million standard containers, with a cargo value exceeding 380 billion dollars. It provides service in 223 cities of 25 European countries and connects over 100 cities of 11 Asian countries.


The Zhongyu China-Europe Railway Express maintains its leading position nationwide in comprehensive operational performance indicators, with an international logistics network featuring "21 direct overseas destinations and 8 entry-exit ports" established, facilitating smooth international logistics trunk lines in four directions: Europe, Central Asia, ASEAN, and Japan and South Korea. With a domestic cargo collection radius of 1500 kilometers and 80 percent of sources from outside Henan, its overseas network covers more than 140 cities of 40 countries across Eurasia. So far, it has over 6 thousand domestic and international partners, serving as a strategic gateway based in the Central Plains to serve the entire country.

At the Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone, construction of the Zhengzhou international land port is progressing rapidly. According to the plan, by 2025, the core area of the international land port will be built with a high standard, achieving the capacity to operate 5 thousand international freight trains per year and accommodate the operation of 1 million vehicles per year. By 2035, the aim is to operate over 12 thousand international freight trains annually and to establish a world-class international railway hub port with global significance.

According to the Land Port Branch of China Development Zones Association, the expo will last for 3 days and is expected to attract over 10 thousand professional visitors. Additionally, it will host multiple parallel forums and activities such as the China Land Port High-Quality Development Forum, the 2024 International Rail and Multimodal Transport Summit, and the Asia-Europe Cold Chain Train Forum, focusing on key issues in the development of the China-Europe Railway Express, sharing successful cases and discussing how to further enhance service quality, reduce logistics costs and improve transportation efficiency.


Since its opening on October 27 last year, Central China International Convention and Exhibition Centerhas hosted various events and exhibitions, including the 2023 World Robot Contest (Zhengzhou). It is also set to host the 3rd National Skills Competition in September 2025, solidifying its position as a new exhibition hub rooted in Central China but with a global outlook. (Chinese source: Henan Daily Reporter: Yang Ling and Zhao Tongzeng Translator: Yang Jiaxin Intern: Qiu Changqi Proofreader: Chen Xingjie and Zhao Hanqing)