Zhengzhou-Belgrade rail freight service launched on April 26

Source: dahe.cn | 2024-04-28 20:03

Loaded with frequency changers, starter cabinets for fans, semiconductor modules, air compressors, dead axles and spare parts for off-highway dump trucks and cables, etc., a China Railway Express freight train left Zhengzhou Putian Railway Station on April 26 for Belgrade of Serbia via the border city Alashankou of China, which not only expands the coverage of China Railway Express freight trainsoperated by Zhengzhou International Hub Development and Construction Co., Ltd., but also further strengthens the economic and trade ties between Henan and Europe.

Serbia is the first country in Central and Eastern Europe to establish a comprehensive strategic partnership with China. As an important country on the Eurasian continent and in the Balkan region, Serbia is playing a significant role in the Belt and Road Initiative. In recent years, China and Serbia have achieved fruitful results in infrastructure construction and production capacity cooperation. Zhengzhou International Hub Development and Construction Co., Ltd. leveraged the opportunity provided by the mid-term action plan for joint construction of the Belt and Road Initiative, the MOU on industry and investment cooperation and the free trade agreement signed between China and Serbia in October 2023 to open the Zhengzhou-Belgrade rail freight route, aiming to establish a logistics distribution hub in Central Europe and enhance the influence and reach of its services in Europe, thus promoting Henan's opening-up and strengthening the province's economic and trade cooperation with Central and Eastern Europe.

Taking the advantage of the Belt and Road Initiative and Henan's regional and railway strengths, Zhengzhou International Hub Development and Construction Co., Ltd. has developed an international logistics network featuring "14 direct overseas stations and 7 entry-exit ports", covering Europe, Central Asia, the ASEAN and the Asia-Pacific regions (Japan and South Korea), notable for frequent and regular services by its China Railway Express freight transport between China and the Belt & Road countries since 2013. (Chinese source: dahe.cn Reporter: Zhu Chuanpeng Translator: Yang Jiaxin Intern: Li Kai Proofreader: Chen Xingjie)