He Painted Ten-Meter Azaleas at the Age of 90s

Source: HICC | 2024-04-01 19:39

Swallows and magpies skillfully and freely dart through the flowers and ducks play leisurely on the water. Pink azaleas bloom throughout the entire picture, and mountain rocks perfectly scattered among them …

On March 23rd, the renowned Chinese flower-and-bird painter Li Ziqiang, who is already 90 years old this year, completed the creation of a flower-and-bird scroll painting titled "Spring on Earth" after 10 days of careful work. This 10-meter-long painting was created by Li to welcome the upcoming Azalea Festival in Ruyang, Henan Province.

Every April, the 100,000 acres of wild azaleas on Western Tai Mountain in Ruyang enter their best flower viewing season. Vast areas of wild azaleas are in full bloom one after another. The 9-kilometer-long azalea corridor is full of red blooming flowers, covering the mountains with fine brocades. This makes Ruyanga a wonderful place to appreciate azaleas.

The azalea is indigenous to China, also known by such names as mountain pomegranate, rhododendron simsii, etc. In cold conditions, azalea would bloom ahead of other flowers, heralding the arrival of spring, so it is also reputated as "primrose". Azaleas in full bloom, covering the mountain slopes, display a grand and majestic sight, so it is also regarded by the Chinese people as a symbol of good luck and happiness.

When creating Spring on the Earth, Li specially emphasized the cultural connotation of azalea. The azaleas blooming all over the mountains, together with swallows and ducks, express the vitality of Ruyang in spring, and convey wishes for a better life.

Born in Ruyang in 1934, Li is an important representative figure in the contemporary art field in Henan. He has served as the President and Chief Editor of Henan Fine Arts Publishing House, Executive Vice President of Henan Academy of Calligraphy and Painting, and Vice Chairman of Henan Artists Association.

During his tenure, Li Ziqiang led the establishment and founding of art institutions such as Henan Fine Arts Publishing House, Henan Painting and Calligraphy Academy, Henan Flower and Bird Painting Research Association and other art institutions, which prospered Henan's art creation.

In terms of creation, Li Ziqiang learned from nature and worked hard, making him so unique in the field of flower and bird painting in China. At the same time, he cares for and helps new artists, cultivating numerous outstanding art talents for today's art.

Liu Jie, Vice Chairman of the China Artists Association, Vice Chairman of the Henan Federation of Literary and Art Circles, and Chairman of the Henan Artists Association, once commented: "Master Li is a talented artist long respected in Henan, and also one of the leading figures domestically. He has laid a solid foundation for the sustainable development of Henan’s fine arts and is a role model for the younger generation to learn from."

Ruyang is the holy land of the origin of Chinese white wine, the famous hometown of dinosaurs at home and abroad, the well-known azalea county in the north, and has beautiful mountains and rivers at the source of the Huai River.

On January 21 this year, Li Ziqiang Art Museum opened in Ruyang. Upon returning to his hometown, Li Ziqiang hopes to use the art gallery as a base to continue contributing his remaining efforts to artistic creation, and to inspire and develop the cultural and artistic enterprises of his hometown.

In the creation of the 10-meter scroll, he said: “In the spring of Ruyang, azaleas fill the mountains and everywhere is a renewal of life. This year's Azalea Culture Festival is coming soon. I specially created this work, hoping to present Ruyang's beautiful scenery in spring for tourists from all parts of the country." (Chinese source: Dahe Fine Art Newspaper Reporter: Wang Gangfei Translator: Tong Lin and Cui Wenqi Proofreader: Wen Xiaomei)