BILINGUAL VIDEO丨Spring Festival Celebrated Worldwide, Episode I

Source: | 2024-02-10 21:48

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Do you know what are the customs on the first day of the Chinese Lunar New Year?

The first day of Chinese New Year, also known as the "day of chicken", officially begins at midnight.

It is traditional to light firecrackers and make as much of a din as possible to chase off the evil monsterNian.

Fundamentally the oldest and most senior family members are visited for the sake of strengthening the family kinship.

Senior members of the family hand out red envelopes containing cash (also known asya sui qianin Chinese), a form of blessing to suppress aging and the challenges of the coming year, mostly given to the junior members, teenagers and childrenof the family.

The visitor will bring a small gift to the household which will be visited - usually two mandarin oranges, as the fruit symbolizes gold, alternatively wealth and good fortune. Giving oranges in pairs because of the preference of number two in Chinese culture as there is an idiom sayinghao shi cheng shuangor good things come in pairs. (Video: Zhao Hanqing & Yang Jiaxin)