YU (short for Henan) jumping over Loong-Gate丨Come and pick your exclusive New Year Loong!

Source: dahe.cn | 2024-02-10 21:44

With good tidings in spring breeze, the Year of the Loong has come. In the great gala of Loong in Henan, Loong elements are too numerous to mention in intangible cultural heritage and cultural relics, the Loong of Longevity, the Loong of Health, the Loong of Luck, the Loong of Reunion, and the Loong of Motivation. Take a look at the Loong, and pick your exclusive one.

The Loong of Longevity

"Loong" in Oracle Bone Inscriptions Anyang National Museum of Chinese Writing in Anyang

The word "Loong" was first found in oracle bone inscriptions, which are the earliest mature writing system discovered in China so far, the source of Chinese characters and the root of excellent traditional Chinese culture, first unearthed in the Yin Ruins of Anyang city, Henan province.

The Loong of Vigor

Four Sacred Creatures Dancing in Auspicious Clouds Zhengzhou Henan Museum

In the Year of the Loong, the Heaven and Earth regaining their strength, and all people across the nation would become wealthy and prosperous in peace. The mural painting Four Sacred Creatures Dancing in Auspicious Clouds is the earliest and highest-level tomb mural treasure found in China so far, acclaimed as "more ancient and valuable than Dunhuang Murals". The design is full of dynamic power, as if galloping in the clouds.

The Loong of Motivation

China's First Loong Puyang Qicheng Cultural Relics Scenic Spot

Unearthed from the Xishuipo site in Puyang, three pairs of clam-made Loong and tiger pattern have been around for more than 6,400 years. The clam-made Loongs are designed with unity of form and spirit, acclaimed as "the First Loong in China" by the archaeological circle. The unearthing has gained the world’s recognition in the Loong culture, inspiring generations of Chinese people to keep their original aspiration in mind and forge ahead.

The Loong of Reunion

Turquoise-made Loong-shape Object Luoyang Erlitou Xia Dynasty Capital Site Museum

The unearthing of turquoise-made Loong-shape object, the "super national treasure", represents the oldest discovery of the image of Chinese Loong in the "Center of the Heaven" and the "First Capital of China", demonstrating that the Chinese people are the "descendants of Chinese Loong" forever and finding the most direct and orthodox root for the Loong totem of the Chinese nation.

The Loong of Luck

Lingbao Paper-cutting Lingbao of Sanmenxia National Intangible Cultural Heritage

Divided into two types, monochrome and dyeing, Lingbao Paper-cutting has developed such artistic features as rough and simple, sincere and honest, vigorous and firm, in the long-term process. People often use it to decorate lanterns, with the unique beauty of the lights turning and shadows moving, to express their best wishes.

The Loong of Craftsmanship

Nanyang Pyrography Wolong in Nanyang National Intangible Cultural Heritage

The craftsmanship reflected in the bright moon, and the Year of the Loong depicted in magic hands. Using a hot iron instead of a pen, Nanyang Pyrography employs carbonization principle on the wood, rice paper and silk, to achieve a rich variety of ink colors in Chinese painting, best known as "unique in the world art".

The Loong of Dexterity

Huaiyang Clay Dog Huaiyang in Zhoukou National Intangible Cultural Heritage

With a history of more than 3,000 years, "Huiyang Clay Dog", also called "the Guard Dog", is regarded as the living fossil of primitive society in China. A vivid clay figurine of Loong is created, while making the clay flying in the hands of the maker with the flexible fingers like dancing.

The Loong of Auspiciousness

Transparent Jade-made Loong-shape Object Zhengzhou Henan Museum

With gentle and natural lines, smooth and clean body, the ornament made of transparent jade, full of vitality and dynamic, gives people a visual enjoyment of complex but not messy, dense and orderly, showing the superb level of jade craftsmen in the Warring States period, and expressing the best wishes for a happy life.

The Loong of Health

Loong Dance (Fire Loong Dance) Mengzhou in Jiaozuo National Intangible Cultural Heritage

The Loong dancers make the "fire Loong" dancing with fire flying, full of strength and vitality. The Fire Loong Dance integrates such performances as Loong dance, fireworks, drums and gongs, suona horn, creating a magical world where people dance in the fire and Loongs fly in the fire.