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Today, we will continue our topic 9 Things You may Not Know about Spring Festival.

Earliest Spring Festival couplets were not written on paper

The earliest Spring Festival couplets or scrolls in China were also pasted on doors, but not written on paper. Meng Chang (919-965), the last emperor of the Later Shu Dynasty (934-966), invented couplets. In ancient times, peach wood was usually believed to have functions of warding off evil spirits. Meng Chang inscribed an inspiring couplet on a peach slat. So, the earliest Spring Festival couplets were also called "peach wood charms".

Not all the drawings of fu (blessing) should be pasted upside down

Not all the drawings offu(blessing) should be pasted invertedly, except the ones pasted on water tanks and dustbins, signifying that blessing has arrived and will not be slipped away when taking out water and garbage. An upside-down posting offuon the front door is unnecessary and irreverent.

Covering your left hand with the right one

For men, the traditional greeting was to cover the right hand with the left one, meaning peace and harmony. Covering one's left hand with the right one indicates giving an obituary notice or begging for mercy. However, for females, the traditional greeting was to cover left hand with the right. (Translator: Zhao Hanqing Broadcaster: Yang Jiaxin Proofreader: Chen Xingjie)