Great Rivers Civilizations丨Birthplace of Du Fu, a Tang Dynasty poet

Source: | 2023-09-17 16:24

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Du Fu's Hometown Cultural Park is located in Nanyaowan Village, Zhanjie Town, Gongyi City. It is where poet Du Fu of the Tang Dynasty was born and spent his youth. The cultural park is composed of two cultural attractions: the Du Fu Memorial Hall and the Du Fu Cemetery. The Former Residence of Du Fu faces west, and in the north is a cave house where Du Fu was born. The cave house has a brick front wall and above the door is a horizontal plaque inscribed with characters literally meaning th "Du Fu's Birthplace", written by Guo Moruo, a modern man of letter.

Du Fu wrote over 4,000 poems throughout his life, with over 1,400 handed down. His poems had a profound influence on ancient poetry, giving Du a reputation as a "Sage of Poetry". His poetry possess both literary and social value, winning him fame even beyond Chinese borders. (Video: Zhao Hanqing & Yang Jiaxin)