Posters: Chinese and foreign journalists to experience Yellow River culture in Henan from Sept 14 to 16

Source: | 2023-09-13 15:49

With the theme of "Mutual Learning among Civilizations & Jointly Building a Shared Future", the 2023 World Great Rivers Civilizations Forum (Zhengzhou·China) will be held in Zhengzhou from Sept. 16 to 18, said a source from the news briefing held by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China on September 11. It is the first international forum themed on the origin and development of the civilizations of the Great Rivers.

According to the agenda of the forum, international and domestic journalists will commence a 3-day journey along the Yellow River in the following 3 days (Sept. 14 to Sept. 16) to explore the core value of the Yellow River culture in the new era.