Flowers Blossoming Over China②|Earliest 'China' Originates from Here

Source: | 2023-06-01 22:39

Located in the south of the ancient Shanzhou city in Sanmenxia city of Central China's Henan province, the Miaodigou site has been excavated twice, suggesting that the Miaodigou era is a transitional period fromYangshao Culture(5000-3000 BC) to Longshan Culture (2500-2000BC).

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The Yangshao Culture Miaodigou Type (4005-2780 BC), named after the Miaodigou site, witnessed the prosperity of Yangshao Culture. The painted pottery wares engraved with petal patterns have been discovered not only in the middle reaches of the Yellow River, but also from the Dawenkou Culture (4100-2600 BC) ruins in the lower reaches of the Yellow River, the Daxi Culture (4400-3300 BC) ruins in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River and the Hongshan Culture (4000-3000 BC) ruins in the West Liaohe River Basin. Liu Qingzhu, a famous Chinese archaeologist, believes that the earliest "China" originated from the present-day Sanmenxia.

The Miaodigou site not only shows us the cultural and social outlook during the golden age of Yangshao Culture, but has clarified the relationship between Yangshao Culture and Longshan Culture, providing evidence to the continuity of the Chinese nation and the long history of the Chinese civilization.