Flowers Blossoming Over China: Demystify 'Roses' Some 5,000 Years Ago

Source: | 2023-05-29 18:52

The Miaodigou Yangshao Culture Museumis located in the Miaodigou Archaeological Site Park in Sanmenxia city of Central China's Henan province. Stepping into the Museum, you can see a huge dome decorated with petal patterns, the most representative ornamentation of Miaodigou-style painted pottery. In fact, these designs are more than mere decorations. Then, what are the implications of those patterns?

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Petal decorations symbolize reproduction, culture and the Chinese nation. Thousands of years ago, the local people painted petals on their utensils with smooth lines and harsh brushstrokes. Every two adjacent five-petal flowers are connected by sharing one petal, showing the good wishes for life reproduction and ethnic prosperity. In addition to the colorful petal patterns, the painted pottery wares are also engraved with other designs of sun, moon, geometric shapes and vibrant animals. (Text: Zhao Hanqing & Yang Jiaxin Video: He Menghe Proofreader: Ding Lan)