Luoyang Sends Over 170,000 Tons of Henan-Made Products to Central Asia in Past 5 Years

Source: | 2023-05-18 22:57

The 31st China Railway Express freight train dispatched by Dongfanghong (Luoyang) International Land Port this year departed Luoyang city of Henan province in Central China on May 17 for Central Asia directly carrying 100 TEUs or 1,042 tons of various Henan-made goods worth over 2.10 million yuan, including refractory materials, mechanical equipment, photovoltaic components, home building materials, etc.

Dongfanghong (Luoyang) International Land Port has handled a total of 10,559 TEUs of cargo over the past four months, a 26 percent increase from the previous year. Due to the round-trip service to Central Asia, it is not surprising that the number of China Railway Express freight train trips from Luoyang has reached a record high.

In recent years, economic and commercial ties between China and the five Central Asian nations have grown closer. China's bilateral trade with five Central Asian nations reached a record high of $70.2 billion in 2022, a 40 percent increase from the previous year.

According to Huang Xiaokang, general manager of China YTO Group Logistics Company who is the pioneer and witness of the round trip service between Luoyang and Central Asia, in recent years, by taking advantage of Luoyang as an important city along the Belt and Road route and actively participating in the Belt and Road construction, China YTO Group Logistics Company has transported more than 170 thousand tons of Henan-made goods worth 430 million US dollars to Central Asia during the 145 freight services over the past 5 years. "Luoyang's China Railway Express freight trains have provided service to almost 100 enterprises, providing a convenient and efficient export channel for Luoyang by sending local high-quality products to the five Central Asian countries," said Huang Xiaokang. (Chinese source: Henan Daily Translator: Zhao Hanqing & Yang Jiaxin Proofreader: Li Wenjing)