The Yellow Emperor Worship Ceremony Held in Xinzheng

Source: | 2023-04-22 21:05

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Henan is an important birthplace of Chinese surnames. In China, there are 300 surnames and 171 of these have their roots in Henan. Of the 100 most common surnames in China, 78 have their origins in Henan, which is remarkable.In fact, most of overseas Chinese people can trace their lineage back to Henan, such as families named Chen, Lin, Huang and Zheng. Henan is also the ancestral home of millions of Hakka people from all over the world. In recent years we have seen an endless stream of overseas Chinese returning to Henan: they desire to find their family roots and make a pilgrimage to their ancestors. Henan has become the emotional belonging of the Chinese people all around the globe. (Yang Jiaxin, He Menghe and Liu Yang)