Experience Chinese Culture in Henan③|Wu Ming: To be a disseminator of TCM culture

Source: dahe.cn | 2023-03-11 19:07

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TCM's international influence and appeal has been strengthened in recent years. More and more international students who are interested in TCM come to China for study. Henan is the main birthplace of TCM and the hometown of medical sage Zhang Zhongjing,a thus attracting lots of international students. (Anchor: Yang Jiaxin Video: Wei Kai)

近年来,中医的国际影响力不断提升,越来越多醉心于中医的“洋学生”不远万里前来中国求学。河南是中医药的主要发源地和医圣张仲景的故乡,自然而然受到众多留学生的青睐。(主持:杨佳欣 视频:魏凯)