Experience Chinese Culture in Henan②|Olena: Henan has more museums and cultural parks

Source: dahe.cn | 2023-03-09 19:44

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Cultural confidence is the spiritual force promoting Chinese modernization. Since 2012, with the increasing influence of China in the international arena, more and more international friends have fallen in love with Chinese culture. While demonstrating its unique charm to the world, Chinese culture is also being carried farther by more and more international friends. (Anchor: Yang Jiaxin Video: Wei Kai)

文化自信是推进中国式现代化的精神力量。党的十八大以来,随着中国国际影响力的不断提升,喜欢中国文化的外国友人越来越多。中华文化在向世界展示独特魅力的同时,也被越来越多的外国友人带去更远的地方。(主持:杨佳欣 视频:魏凯)