Great Changes in Henan's Yellow River Basin Over the Past Decade

Source: | 2022-10-13 18:09

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The Yellow River basin in Central China's Henan province accounts for 40.7 percent of the province's total land area. It is not only a key residential area, but also a major economic belt in Henan.

As for ecological conservation, since 2012, Henan has brought water and soil erosion on 11 thousand square kilometers of land in the Yellow River basin under control. Since 2014, 1.25 million people living in the Yellow River beach area covering 2,116 square kilometers have been relocated. Since 2019, the cleanup campaign against illegal riverside occupation, construction, mining and waste has become a systematic and standard practice. Accordingly, 501 kilometers of standard embankment have been built, making the Yellow River safer.

As for high-quality development, in 2021, Henan's Yellow River basin contributed 3,368.1 billion yuan to the province's GDP, an increase of 72.2 percent over 2012, with a per capita GDP of 68,489 yuan, up 70.4 percent from 2012. Besides, the permanent resident population in the Yellow River basin is 47.80 million, accounting for 48.4 percent of that of the whole province. In 2021, the expenditure on science and technology in the Yellow River basin was 18.4 billion yuan, an increase of 364.9 percent over 2012, with the number of invention patents per 10 thousand people jumping 405.2 percent from 2012 to 6.5. Besides, the development of such sectors as manufacturing, service and foreign trade in the Yellow River basin are all at the forefront of Henan, driving and leading the high-quality development of the province's economy. (Chinese source: Henan Daily Reporter: Li Peng Translator: Zhao Hanqing Yang Jiaxin Video: He Menghe Proofreader: Zhang Junping)