'Wonderful Henan·Here We Are' Episode I: What might Henan look like in 2035?

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Editor's note: What are the main objectives for economic and social development of Central China's Henan province during the 14th Five-Year Plan period (2021-2025)? How to establish a modern industrial system and build a stronger digital economy during the period? Starting today, we are launching the "Wonderful Henan·Here We Are" bilingual series, bringing you in-depth coverage about The Outline of the 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-2025) for National Economic and Social Development and Vision 2035 of Henan Province. The following is the 1st story of the series: What might Henan look like in 2035?



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Vision 2035



By 2035, Henan Province will focus on striving for excellence, be committed to promoting high-quality development by high-quality Party building, and basically complete the building of a modern socialist Henan. We will build Henan into a strong province with a buoyant economy, a flourishing culture, open environment and healthy ecosystems, develop it into the center of innovation in central and western China and a happy homeland for Henan people.



Henan will promote high-quality development by high-quality Party building. The guiding role of ideological and political building will be strengthened, the role of fundamentals, infrastructure, and long-term development will be highlighted, a stronger atmosphere of learning, discipline and hard work will be cultivated, and the role of Party building in guiding the implementation of the new development philosophy, integrating into the new development pattern, and promoting high-quality development will be intensified.


Largest and most accurate rolling bearing in Asia produced by Luoyang LYC Bearing. [Photo provided to dahe.cn]

We will build Henan into an economically strong province. Economic strength, comprehensive strength, quality and efficiency of development will increase significantly. The per capita GDP will reach the level of moderately developed countries. We will basically achieve new industrialization, enhanced IT application, urbanization and agricultural modernization, improve modern infrastructure and complete building a modern economic system.



We will build a culturally rich Henan Province. A coordinated cultural-ethical and material progress will be promoted. The well-rounded development of citizens and social etiquette and civility will be significantly enhanced. We will be a leader in cultural programs and industries in China and achieve in-depth and comprehensive integration between culture and tourism. The communication capacity and influence of Yellow River Culture will become more extensive and far-reaching, and its cultural soft power will grow much stronger.


Tea garden in Nanwan Reservoir, Xinyang City. [Photo provided to dahe.cn]

We will build an environment-friendly Henan Province. We will ensure that the space for production is used safely and efficiently, that the living space is comfortable and livable, and that the ecological space is unspoiled and beautiful, taking the lead in achieving a healthy and stable ecosystem in the Yellow River basin. Eco-friendly work and lifestyle will be advanced to cover all areas of society. Carbon dioxide emissions will steadily decline after reaching a peak. There will be a fundamental improvement in ecological system and ecological economic advantage will be intensified. We will basically build a modern Henan where humanity and nature harmoniously co-exist.



We will build a highly open Henan Province. The level of integrating regional development into the joint pursuit of the Belt and Road Initiative will be greatly enhanced. High-level trade and investment liberalization and facilitation will be achieved. The business environment will be one of the best in China. The position as an important pillar of the domestic circulation and a strategic link between domestic and international circulation will be basically established. And the strengths of opening-up will be significantly enhanced.


Huanghe Kunpeng server and desktop are put into production in Xuchang City. [Photo provided to dahe.cn]

We will develop Henan into a high platform of innovation in central and western China. With flourishing innovation and entrepreneurship and some breakthroughs in core technologies in key areas, scientific and technological innovation plays a more important role in supporting economic growth. Henan will be built into a powerful province in terms of human capital, and rank top among innovation-oriented provinces in China.



We will build Henan into a happy home for the Henan people. We will modernize the governance system and capacity, and the rights of the people to participate and to develop as equals will be adequately protected. The peaceful Henan initiative will be pursued at a higher level and the law-based province will be comprehensively put in place. People's income will reach a new high and the size of the middle-income group will be significantly expanded. Equitable access to basic public services will be ensured. Disparities in development between urban and rural areas and between regions, and in living standards will be significantly reduced. A positive and healthy lifestyle will be publicized extensively and Henan will become a strong province in terms of education and health. More notable and substantial progress will be achieved in well-rounded human development and in common prosperity for all.



A special thanks goes to the Office of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the CPC Henan Provincial Committee and the School of International Studies of Zhengzhou University for their support to the "Wonderful Henan·Here We Are" bilingual series.


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