Zhengzhou Lamb Noodles

Source: dahe.cn | 2022-08-22 18:00

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The people of Zhengzhou love lamb noodles. When people from out of town come here, a lamb noodles meal has to be arranged. So, regular visitors to Zhengzhou refer to it by its nickname "lamb noodle city." It's a fitting nickname too, since restaurants on every street and every back lane offer this dish. Somebody once counted that Zhengzhou has over 4600 restaurants with the words "lamb noodle" in their name.

The noodles are quite soft and slippery but chewable. The noodle dish ingredients are very carefully chosen, including small lamb cubes, thin shreds of bean curd, vermicelli, day lily, and tree fungus. These noodles in tasty lamb soup are always served in a special large bowl. All these make the noodles very delicious.