Visit Henan, Explore China Episode I: A Glimpse of Chinese Civilization Through Yangshao Painted Pottery (Bilingual)

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Editor's note: Located in the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River, Henan is not only a ceramic production area with the most complete variety of ceramics in China, but also a province with the largest number of ancient kiln sites. SancaiJiaotai porcelain, white porcelain, Ru porcelain, etc., are shining pearls of Henan. The Chinese ceramic culture centered on Henan is one of the important cultural heritages fostered by the Yellow River culture. Starting today, we are launching the Visit Henan, Explore China series featuring 6 short videos to help you catch a glimpse of wonderful Henan through ceramics. Here is the first episode: A Glimpse of Chinese Civilization Through Yangshao Painted Pottery.



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Hello, this is Yang Jiaxin. As an old saying goes, pottery is the predecessor of porcelain. So, how much do you know about the painted pottery of Yangshao Culture? Let's go and find out.


A painted pottery bowl of the period of Yangshao Culture. [Photo/]

Painted pottery is a key component of Yangshao Culture.


Yangshao Culture, dating back to some 7,000 to 5,000 years ago, was named after Yangshao village of Mianchi county, Henan province, where it was discovered for the first time in 1921. Yangshao pottery is often painted with geometric or animal patterns, the main feature of Yangshao Culture. Therefore, Yangshao Culture also enjoys a reputation of "Painted Pottery Culture".


A pottery pot of the period of Yangshao Culture. [Photo/]

This is a pottery basin painted with animal patterns from the Yangshao Culture period. It has a flat bottom, a protruding body, a smooth inside and a rough surface, which is one of the representative works of Yangshao Culture.


A painted pottery basin of the period of Yangshao Culture. [Photo/]

So far, a large number of Yangshao painted pottery has been discovered in Henan with rich varieties, a long time span and a clear line of development. Dahe village of Zhengzhou city, Miaodigou village of Sanmenxia city and Xipo village of Lingbao city are well-known Yangshao Culture sites in Henan.


A pottery bottle of the period of Yangshao Culture. [Photo/]

The art of Yangshao painted pottery, with a very long history, bears the Yangshao people's understanding of clan, belief, nature, astronomy, calendar, etc., which has exerted a great influence on later art forms. Painted pottery, though only one of the ancient art forms in China, is of great academic value in the study of Chinese art history, especially painting and art and craft. Besides, it is also worth noting that Yangshao Culture is the first archaeological culture discovered and named in China, playing a significant role in archaeological research and history.


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