China-Europe Freight Train (Zhengzhou) Sees Steady Operations

Source: | 2022-05-09 23:12

During the resurgence of COVID-19, China- Europe freight train service in Zhengzhou, capital of Central China's Henan province, has never been suspended. At 2 am on May 8, loaded with microserver chassis, color LCD panels, solar panels, split stators of wind turbines, etc., a China-Europe freight train named "Zhongyu" set off for Liege, Belgium.

A China-Europe freight train in Zhengzhou. [Photo/]

On the afternoon the same day, the forklifts at the Supervision Zone of Zhengzhou International Hub (herein after referred to as ZIH) were busy working with boxes in which some are imports, some for export.

The steady operation of China- Europe freight trains during the resurgence of COVID-19 in Zhengzhou could not be realized without the efforts of ZIH staff.

"Wearing medical protective clothing and goggles, we upload and unload cargo and disinfect them every day, and closed-off mechanism was also implemented here including the daily nucleic acid testing," said Liu Chuang, deputy director of LCL Department of ZIH Supervision Zone.

At dusk, staff members working at the CR Intermodal Zhengzhou Terminal were still busy. Containers were safely loaded on a freight train, stretching for almost 1 kilometer long. On the evening, another fully-loaded "Zhongyu" train set off for Hamburg, Germany.

Connecting domestic and overseas and linking west to east, Henan's "Zhongyu" China-Europe freight trains have seen regular operations. Statistics show that "Zhongyu" China-Europe freight trains made nearly 40 trips in the first 8 days this May, with goods value exceeding 100 million US dollars and goods weight standing at nearly 30 thousand tons. The normal operations of freight trains to Europe, Central Asia and the European Union reflect the stability and smoothness of Henan's international trade channel, known as the Land Silk Road. (Chinese source: Henan Daily Reporter: Wang Yanhui Translator: Zhao Hanqing Proofreader: Ding Lan)