Highlights of 5G Development in Henan Province in 2021

Source: dahe.cn | 2022-01-13 19:57

Central China's Henan province had realized full coverage of 5G network in all its urban areas above the township level and major rural areas by the end of 2021, said a source from Henan Communications Administration on January 10. So far, Henan has embraced more than 96.6 thousand 5G base stations, ranking 5th in China.

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In 2021, the CPC Henan Provincial Committee and Henan Provincial People's Government attached great importance to 5G development by including the goal of "expanding 5G network coverage" in the province's top 10 people's livelihood projects and setting an ambitious goal of newly building 50 thousand 5G base stations. In 2021, Henan had newly built 51.7 thousand 5G base stations, over-fulfilling its annual goal.

So far, Henan has more than 30.412 million 5G users. (Chinese source: Henan Daily Reporter: Guo Beichen Translator: Zhao Hanqing Hu Xiaohan Broadcaster: Wang Jiaqi Poster: Wang Junyi Video: Ren Jiandong Proofreader: Li Wenjing)

Highlights of 5G Development in Henan Province in 2021