International Students Experience the Charm of Henan

Source: | 2021-07-20 15:51

Over the past few days, a total of 22 international students from 16 countries in China participated in the 2021 "Experience China" activity co-hosted by Foreign Affairs Office of the People's Government of Henan Province, Department of Education of Henan Province and North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power. From Zhengzhou to Ruzhou, Xinxiang, etc., they have fostered a new understanding of Henan province.

During the activity, the 22 international students experienced a different Henan by perceiving Central Plains culture at Henan Museum, practicing Shaolin Kungfu at Shaolin Temple, learning Baduanjin (a fitness practice with a history of 800 years) at Henan University of Chinese Medicine, etc.

Traveling in Henan, the international students fell in love with it and expressed that they are willing to be the ambassadors of friendship, builders of friendly relations and promoters of further cooperation, sharing the stories of Henan and their experiences in Henan with the world. (Text & Photo: