Cooperation between Henan and Balochistan Furthered

Source: | 2021-07-16 16:44

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Balochistan, located in Southwest Pakistan, is the largest province in Pakistan. What new types of cooperation will Henan and Balochistan have for mutual benefit? On July 15, a meeting on China (Henan )-Pakistan (Balochistan) Practical Cooperation was held in Zhengzhou to further their bilateral exchanges.

During the negotiation, 12 enterprises from Henan introduced their businesses related to crop breeding, agricultural machinery, agro-product processing, cold-chain storage, vegetables, etc., while 8 from Pakistan mainly introduced the export of such agricultural products as rice, seafood and aquatic products, mangoes, rapeseed dregs, etc., as well as the import of techniques, production materials, machinery, etc.

“Our products have entered Pakistan since 2011. This meeting creates a great platform for both sides to exchange ideas, providing more opportunities for our future cooperation with Pakistan.” Zhang Xiaosui, general manager assistant of YTO International Economic and Trade Co., Ltd., told that tractor is a symbol of agricultural mechanization, hoping YTO’s products could help Pakistan with its national food security.