Mixed Cultural Events Foster Strong Cultural Atmosphere

Source: dahe.cn | 2021-06-09 19:32

Closely connected with the changing seasons and climates, rich in historical and cultural connotations, the Dragon Boat Festival is an emotional expression of human beings as well as an embodiment of their understanding and awe to nature.

File photo shows a dragon boat race held at the Millennium City Park. [Photo/Dahe Daily]

From zongzi (stuffed rice balls wrapped with reeds) and moxa-leaf mantou (steamed buns with extracts from argy wormwood leaves) to realgar liquor and calamus wine, all materials are from nature. The significance of the Dragon Boat Festival is not simply taking from nature but more sacred.

During the Dragon Boat Festival, various folk activities are carried out not for satisfying the public's appetites but expressing their respect and awe for nature in which everything is endowed with spiritual and medicinal qualities.

The Dragon Boat Festival is a festival for people not only to fight against diseases and poisonous insects, but also to do household cleaning and personal hygiene. Besides, the activities like dragon boat race, hiking, sand skiing, etc., aim to enhance one's physical fitness and immune system.

When the Dragon Boat Festival falls on the same day with the Cultural and Natural Heritage Day, are there any activities worth our expectation?

Since the Dragon Boat Festivalis an important traditional festival in China, the tourism with folk customs is a highlight. Nowadays, instead of conventional tourism that cannot satisfy the tourists’ needs, tourism with the elements of the Dragon Boat Festival has become a hot.

This year, the first day of the Dragon Boat Festivalis also China's 5th Cultural and Natural Heritage Day. Some parents plan to take their children to experience the dragon boat race, sachet bag making, zongzi making and intangible cultural heritages. (Chinese source: Dahe Daily Translator: Wei Wei Proofreader: Jiao Dan)