Sister City Burnaby

Source: WhereZhengzhou | 2020-12-31 11:23

On July 28, 2019, the 2019 Chinese Traditional Culture Festival & the 11th Vancouver Water-Sprinkling Festival was held at Swangard Stadium in Central Park in Burnaby. More than 40 performance teams attended the event, attracting more than 20,000 people. At the opening ceremony, the Chinese Canadian waist drum team, Vancouver women's cheongsam team and other teams appeared in turn. The audience boiled when the Shaolin Zen Wu Cultural Center of Canada appeared on the main stage.

In Canada, traditional Chinese cultural events are very popular. "Chinese characters, Chinese kung fu and Chinese food are all fascinating," said QUAILA-LEE IRENE TRANG, a girl from the division of Vancouver, Canada, who came to Zhengzhou to take part in the 12th "Chinese Bridge".

On October 31, the Tenth Meeting of the Standing Committee of the 15th People's Congress of Zhengzhou examined the Proposal on the Establishment of Sister City Relations between Zhengzhou and Burnaby, Canada submitted by the municipal people's government. The meeting held that the establishment of a sister city relationship between Zhengzhou and Burnaby in Canada could not only serve the overall diplomacy of the country, and strengthen people-to-people exchanges with Canada, but also further promote the mutually beneficial cooperation between the two sides in economy and trade, culture, tourism, science and education, aviation and logistics, and boost the construction of Zhengzhou as a national central city. It was agreed that Zhengzhou and Burnaby should be established as sister cities.

Burnaby is located in the heart of Greater Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. As a member of the Greater Vancouver Bureau, and the site of its administrative headquarters, the city is well developed in commerce and industry. Its location can be described as "moderate", with its superior location, comfortable living environment, convenient transportation, prosperous business and pleasant scenery, so it is often referred to as "an ideal place for a middle-class family in Vancouver".