Cluj-Napoca, the Capital of Transylvania

Source: WhereZhengzhou | 2020-12-28 18:01

Cluj-Napoca, located in the northwest of Romania, is the capital of Transylvania region, and the seat of Cluj County. It is also an academic, cultural, industrial and transportation hub of Romania. With a history of more than 2,000 years, this city boasts many historic buildings and rich tourism resources. Spatially, it extends to all directions from the Unirii Square, the largest and most important square of the city and one of the biggest in Romania as well.

At present, the industrial technology zone is the economic engine of Cluj-Napoca. Innovation and promotion of high-tech industries are strongly supported and R&D activities in advanced technology fields are in full swing. In terms of financial service, Banca Transilvania, the largest stock-holding bank in Romania, and SSIF Broker SA, the largest securities company, are based in Cluj-Napoca; in the respect of education and R&D, Cluj-Napoca is famous in Europe as the oldest and most important university center. It has 11 universities (6 public universities and 5 private universities) focusing on information technology, science and invention application, aerospace, speleology, mining area planning and research, etc. In the future, it will study the bio nanotechnology and communication technology.

From April 18 to 19, 2019, Zhengzhou governmental delegation was invited to visit Cluj-Napoca city in Romania. The two sides held a conversation themed on “the 24th Anniversary of the Establishment of Sister-Cities Relationships”, in which they reached a consensus on seeking for higher-quality and more diversified cooperation in a wider scope, and the delegation also promoted the abundant resources of traditional Chinese medicine in Zhengzhou.

On April 9, 1995, a sister city agreement was signed between Zhengzhou and Cluj Napoca, which established the relationship between the two cities.