Mogilev, a City of Beauty

Source: WhereZhengzhou | 2020-12-23 09:55

In the Zhengzhou International Garden Expo Park, there is a Mogilev Garden presenting static natural landscapes. At the entrance is a small pergola. The landscape stones and steps in the center of the park are set against the scattered pebbles, which awakens people’s curiosity about the real outlook of Mogilev.

Mogilev, the administrative centre of Mogilev Region, Belarus, is one of the largest industrial centers in Belarus. With its colorful buildings, clean and uncluttered streets and green woods, Mogilev gives the first impression of delicacy in simplicity and enthusiasm in serenity. Thanks to the active cooperation between the region and China, many Chinese people have gone to Mogilev to work and travel and feel the extraordinary historical origins.

Mogilev, by some accounts, is an ancient cultural city with a history of more than 750 years, and home to the first official science parks in Belarus. In modern times, it is a vibrant city with a favorable geographical location, convenient transportation, modern industry and communication, providing more possibilities for its successful cooperation with external partners, increasing investment enthusiasm and expanding exports.

Mogilev Region is a friendly region of Henan Province and has maintained good cooperation with Henan Province in economy and trade, culture, education and health. Also, Mogilev has long forged a deep friendship with Zhengzhou.

In November 2007, when Viktor Shorikov, mayor of Mogilev, paid a visit to Zhengzhou, he signed the Letter of Intent on Establishing Sister-City Relationship between Zhengzhou of the People's Republic of China and Mogilev of the Republic of Belarus, laying a foundation for in-depth exchanges between the two cities.

In recent years, Mogilev has made outstanding achievements in friendly exchanges with Zhengzhou and was awarded the "Exchange and Cooperation Award for Sister Cities of China". The friendly exchanges between the two cities are still going on and will continue to drive the economic development of both sides.