Eastern Finland Province, Finland -- Special Report on Sister Provinces of Henan, China X

Source: hnfo.gov.cn | 2020-01-17 16:17


Located in eastern Finland, Eastern Finland Province with Mikkeli as its capital is home to 582 thousand people covering a land area of 48,727 square kilometers, a water area of 11,992 square kilometers and a forest area of 39 million hectares.


Eastern Finland Province. [Photo provided to wikivisually.com]

There are nearly 30,000 enterprises in the Province, of which Mikkeli in South Savo, Kuopio in North Savoand Joensuu in North Karelia are commercial and economic centers. The State Administrative Committee of Eastern Finland is a government agency at national level, including Departments of Education, Security, Administrative service and Public affairs, with branches in Mikkeli, Kuobio, and Joensuu.

In August 2005, Henan has officially established a sister-province relationship with Eastern Finland.

Cooperation Intention

Since the establishment of friendly relationship, the two provinces have carried out a series of fruitful exchanges and cooperation. By gathering a number of well-known high-tech enterprises in its R&D Center, Eastern Finland enjoys a higher GDP nationally whose economic structure is: 9.7 percent for agriculture and forestry (4.5 percent nationally); 24.1 percent manufacturing and construction industries (the national ratio is 26.2 percent); 63.8 percent service industry (the national ratio is 67.3 percent). Additionally, it plays a leading role in paper-making industry and environmental technology. Hence, Henan can seek enhanced cooperation with Eastern Finland in environmental protection, cultural and educational exchange, paper-making and construction industries, etc.