Dai Bohua

Source: henan.gov.cn | 2019-04-01 15:31


Vice Governor Dai Bohua

He is responsible for the work on civil affairs, human resources and social security, public hygiene, healthcare, and financial supervision and administration.

He is in charge of Department of Civil Affairs of Henan Province, Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Henan Province, Health Commission of Henan Province (Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration of Henan Province), Healthcare Security Administration of Henan Province, Local Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau of Henan Province (Financial Service Office of the People's Government of Henan Province), and Academy of Social Sciences of Henan Province.

He coordinates work with Communist Youth League Henan Provincial Committee, Women's Federation of Henan Province, Social Science Circles Federation of Henan Province, Literary and Art Circles Federation of Henan Province, Disabled Persons' Federation of Henan Province, Red Cross Society of Henan Province, and China Association for Promoting Democracy Henan Provincial Committee.